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This article provides information on how to organize the semiannual CS department picnics.


The Fall picnic has typically been scheduled on a Saturday or Sunday some time in early- to mid-September. The weekend after Labour day is usually a pretty good time for this. The Spring picnic generally takes place on a weekend in early May, shortly after the end of classes. Be aware that Mother's day usually occurs around this time, so try to avoid scheduling the picnic on this date. There are numerous locations in and around Ithaca at which the picnic can be held. Most of the picnics over the last 5 years or so have been held at one of the state parks in the area. To reserve a shelter at these parks, it is usually a good idea to call them about a month in advance of the picnic date. They will mail you an application form. You can fill this out and have Becky fill in the credit card payment information. Contact information for the various state parks is as follows:

There are also two parks in Ithaca (Cass Park and Stewart Park) with picnic shelters. These locations are probably not as good as the state parks, since they tend to be much busier, and also the grilling surfaces at these parks are pretty small (which makes the picnic czar's job more difficult). Booking of these shelters is handled by the Ithaca Youth Bureau. Information on the shelters and how to reserve them can be found here.