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I want to minor in Zebra studies/harpsichord/lepidopterology!
Great! Same rules as every other external minor: find an advisor in the field and satisfy whatever requirements they set for you. If they don't have set minor requirements/are unsure how to proceed, email Becky.

Tech Support

How do I print/connect to the network/etc in Gates?
How do I print from Linux in Gates?
Printing in Linux
The old VPN isn't working? What do I do?!
I don't see the trend here. Can you explain it to me?
How do I reserve rooms in Gates?
How can I connect to XMPP/Google Talk with address?
Use the instructions shown here
My DNS / VPN / NTP / other UDP-based service requests aren't going through! How do I fix this?
Incoming UDP packets are dropped by the Gates department ACL. To have your port unblocked, follow the instructions on this page: UDP in Gates.
How do I use VPN on Linux without the cisco client?

Use vpnc and/or network-manager-vpnc. See:


I hear there's a student rep for the building policy committee, but I don't know who it is!
It's Hussam.
How do I adjust my temperature/lights?
See the manual
Building Hours?
Open to the public weekdays 5AM - 8PM. Card access only after hours/on the weekend, to the ground and first floors for all university members, and to the 2nd floor and above for department PhDs/faculty/staff.
For business cards, e-mail signatures, websites, etc:
Cornell University
Department of Computer Science
<ROOM_NUM> Gates Hall
Ithaca, NY  14853
For vendors requesting a building/street address:
107 HOY RD


How do I find out about free food?
Join the vultures mailing list! Email a blank email with the subject "join" (no quotes) to
How do I find supplies for cleaning up?
Check the cabinets in the room you are in. If you don't find anything, there is a supply closet in 402 (go through the glass doors and look in the room all the way on the right).
How do I use the espresso machine?
First, sign up on the espresso mailing list: [1]. Ask for a lesson. If you just need a refresher: Espresso machine tutorial


How do I get a P Card?
Procurement Card