Machine Learning Discussion Group Fall 2011

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This is an archive of a past MLDG. For current info, see Machine Learning Discussion Group.

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Schedule of papers

Date Topic Paper Discussion Leader
11/2/11 Deep Learning Parsing Natural Scenes and Natural Language with Recursive Neural Networks Abhishek & Ainur
10/19/11 Graphical Models Spectral Algorithm for Latent Tree Graphical Models Karthik
10/5/11 Trading Representability for Scalability: Adaptive Multi-Hyperplane Machine for Nonlinear Classification Nikos
9/28/11 Submodularity Submodularity tutorial Ashwin
9/21/11 Graphical Models Minimum Probability Flow Learning Nikos
9/14/11 Submodularity Submodular meets Spectral Karthik
9/7/11 Deep-Learning, Graphical Models Sum-Product Networks: A New Deep Architecture Karthik