Machine Learning Discussion Group Spring 2011

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This is an archive of a past MLDG. For current info, see Machine Learning Discussion Group.

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Schedule of papers

Date Topic Paper Discussion Leader
4/29/2011, 5/6/2011, 5/13/2011 Variational Methods TBA Nikos
4/22/2011 Deep Learning Deep Boltzman Machines Ainur
4/15/2011 Deep Learning Multimodal Deep Learning Akram
4/8/2011 Deep Learning Fast Learning Alg. for Deep Belief Nets Akram
4/1/2011 Semi-Supervised Learning Optimal Reverse Prediction Nikos
3/11/2011 Game Theory and Learning Game-Theoretic Approach to Apprenticeship Learning Ruben
3/4/2011 Game Theory and Learning Game Theory, On-line Prediction and Boosting Karthik
2/25/2011 Multi-Task Learning Tree-Guided Group Lasso for Multi-Task Regression with Structured Sparsity Bishan