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Welcome to the Cornell Computer Science Wiki. This site is intended to contain any information useful to those in the Cornell CS department. It was created and is maintained by graduate students in the computer science department. More about this wiki.

General department info

Living and getting around in Ithaca

Department activities

Getting stuff done

Were you asked or did you volunteer to do something around the department? Look here for advice and institutional memory on how to get it done.

Meta and career advice

Tech and troubleshooting


Minutes and Records

Contributing to the Wiki

Have something to add to the CS wiki? Feel free to edit any existing page or make your own. If you're looking for writing/editing guidelines, the Wikipedia Guidelines are a good place to start.

Need inspiration? Suggested Pages

Find a bug? Think something should be changed? Option 1: Change it yourself! Go ahead; no permission needed. Option 2: Add it to the Bugs and Suggested Improvements page.