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List of department printers

List of printers available in the department (only accessible from on campus networks).

Printing in Linux


CUPS is a client/server protocol; most people use CUPS by running a CUPS server locally and pointing their CUPS client at that local server. If you've installed CUPS in Ubuntu or another "just works" distribution, this is the default configuration. This configuration is less than ideal for use with Gates; rather than running your own local CUPS server, you should just point your CUPS client directly at the department's existing CUPS servers.

Edit your CUPS client configuration file (usually /etc/cups/client.conf), and add the line ServerName to the end of the file. Now, turn off your local CUPS server (usually something like systemctl disable cups.service or /etc/init.d/cupsd stop or /etc/init.d/cups stop). You now have access to every COE/CIS printer.

Adding Printers

To add printers, see the following relevant pages:

Help using various printers

Upson 4165 printer

This printer is a Xerox ColorCube.

  • Using from Unix: lpr -Pupson-4165-x9303. Special features of the printer can be accessed using options. The available options can be seen by using lpoptions.
    • Turning on stapling in lpr: use -oStapleLocation=SinglePortrait