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List of department printers

List of printers available in the department (only accessible from on campus networks).

Printing in Linux

With CUPS v1.6+

"BrowsePoll" doesn't seem to work in CUPS 1.6 and later. Instead, you will probably have to add printers individually. To do so,

  1. Visit and find the name of the printer you are interested in (probably prefixed with ci-gates-).
  2. Visit http://localhost:631/admin and click "Add Printer".
  3. Select "Internet Printing Protocol (ipps)" and click "Continue".
  4. Under "Connection", enter "ipps://<PRINTER_NAME>" and click "Continue".
  5. Fill out the Name, Description, and Location to your liking, and click "Continue".
  6. Under "Make", select "Generic", and click "Continue".
  7. Under "Model", select "Generic PostScript Printer (en)", and click "Add Printer".
  8. Under "2-Sided Printing", select "Long-Edge (Portrait)". Click "Options Installed", and set the Duplexer as "Installed". Click "Set Default Options".

You will need to install the CUPS package for your particular distribution. For example, in Arch Linux you will need to install the `cups` package and start the `org.cups.cupsd.service` systemd service.

Instead of installing as a generic postscript printer, you can also use the ppd files from the Xerox website, which will give you access to all the extra options (i.e., stapling and folding for the ColorQube 9303).

Adding Printers

To add printers, see the following relevant pages:

Help using various printers

Upson 4165 printer

This printer is a Xerox ColorCube.

  • Using from Unix: lpr -Pupson-4165-x9303. Special features of the printer can be accessed using options. The available options can be seen by using lpoptions.
    • Turning on stapling in lpr: use -oStapleLocation=SinglePortrait