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Suggested articles from initial email

  • Tips/Pointers on being a PhD student in the dept,
  • Technical tips/pointers,
  • Recommendations on interesting courses to take,
  • Blurbs about the various student-run groups/events in the department and/or campus. (e.g. hockey, gpsa ...)
  • Advice on how to be a good TA
    • TA advice for specific classes (I have a small list compiled for the lucky TAs for 4700 next year, and a wiki would be a great place for this info to live).
  • How to set up department email, printers, etc. Weird/mis-configured Cornell email servers have cost me a few days of my life so far, and I'd like to save next year's poor souls the trouble.
  • General housing pointers for new students
    • People looking for roommates/housing
  • RSS/iCal feed for seminars and free food, ala or

Organizational structure suggested by Basu and Colin

  • Being a Graduate Student
    • Research tips and advice
      • Choosing a research topic/area
      • Choosing an advisor
      • Work Habits
      • Paper writing/presentation advice
    • Information on grad classes to take
    • Information on TAing (both general and specific classes)
    • General/Miscellaneous advice
    • Advice specific to your research area
      • Area specific subsections....
    • Advice specific to common minors
      • Minor specific subsections...

  • Department Information
    • Facilities (servers, printers, espresso machine etc.)
    • People (who to contact if you need something)
    • Dates and deadlines
    • Paperwork (direct deposit form etc.)
  • Recreational / Non-departmental
    • Upcoming events and activities
    • Groups, clubs etc.
    • Ithaca Info (food, housing, entertainment etc.)