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The Theory Tea reading group meets once per week to discuss current topics in theory of computation. The format and subject matter vary depending on the tastes of the current participants, as channeled, Rousseau-style, through the Theory Tea Czars. The current Czars are Makis Arsenis and Jesse Goodman.

Spring 2019[edit]

Date Presenter Topic
February 21 "Bring your favorite theorem"
February 28 TBA TBA

Fall 2019[edit]

Date Presenter Topic
September 20 "Bring your favorite theorem"
September 27 Abhishek Shetty (Cornell) Non-Gaussian Component Analysis using Entropy Methods
October 5 - No theory tea
October 11 Alireza Farhadi (UMD) Approximate Maximum Matching in Random Streams
October 18 Sandip Sinha (Columbia) Beyond trace reconstruction: Population recovery from the deletion channel
October 25 Sloan Nietert (Cornell) Lovász local lemma
November 1 Oliver Richardson (Cornell) A more general probabilistic graphical model, and less coherent agents
November 8 - No theory tea
November 15 Jack Wang (Cornell) Prophet Inequalities from Samples
November 21 Ravi Kannan (MSR) Efficient Learning of Latent Variable Models
November 29 - Thanksgiving Break
December 6 Makis Arsenis (Cornell) Online Network Flow Computation on Unit-Vertex-Capacitated Networks

Fall 2015[edit]

This semester we will have 4 reading-group-style talks on interlacing polynomials, Ramanujan graphs, the Kadison-Singer problem, and maybe even the asymmetric traveling salesman problem. Then we will have a series of student talks on a variety of subjects (research talks, talks on old and new papers, etc).

While there may be exceptions, in general there should not be any required reading/preparation for the talks (i.e.: the talks will be self-contained!).


Date Presenter Topic
September 21 Sam Hopkins Interlacing Polys reading group 1
September 28 Sam Hopkins Interlacing Polys reading group 2
October 5 Dylan Foster Interlacing Polys reading group 3
October 12 No Talk Fall Break
October 19 Theory Seminar Theory Seminar
October 26 Dylan Foster Interlacing Polys reading group 4
November 2 No Talk STOC deadline!
November 9 Theory Seminar Theory Seminar
November 16 Theory Seminar Theory Seminar
November 23 Yang Yuan Linear Coupling: An Ultimate Unification of Gradient and Mirror Descent (paper here)
November 30 Jonathan Shi TBA
Decenber 7 Alice Paul TBA

Fall 2014[edit]

This semester, students will talk about some interesting/neat results related to their own (prior or current) work. This can, but don't have to, be their own results!

Currently, we plan the following: - Wednesday, 5-6 pm - Introductory talks, assuming only basic knowledge of TCS, highlighting the underlying motivation of a result/proof technique/future work/... in the area. - Snacks & beverages (provided funding)

While there may be exceptions, in general there should not be any required reading/preparation for the talks (i.e.: the talks will be self-contained!).


Date Presenter Topic
September 10 Thodoris Lykouris Submodularity of Influence in Social Networks
September 17 Emerson Melo Network games: theory and applications
September 24 Chaoxu Tong Capacitated Facility Location
September 30 (Tuesday, 3.30pm) Rad Niazadeh Price Posting for Selling an Item: Tight Approximations to Optimal Revenue
October 8 Soroush Alamdari A Non-Cooperative Game of Public Facilities on Networks
October 15 Daniel Freund Approximation algorithms for rank aggregation
October 22 TBA TBA
October 28 (Tuesday, 3:30pm) Alice Paul A Spectral Algorithm for Max Colored Cut and an application to MAX 2SAT
November 5 Pooya Jalaly Market Equilibrium
November 12 Hedyeh Beyhaghi TBA
November 19 Rahmtin Rotabi Behavioral Econ
November 26 Eoin O'Mahony TBA

Discussion Area -- Feel Free to Edit[edit]

Possible topics[edit]

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Spectral graph theory[edit]

Dan Spielman's notes here:

In favor:

Analysis of boolean functions[edit]

Ryan O'Donnell's book here:

In favor:

  • I'd like to know more about fourier analysis and polynomials in this context. --Jshi (talk) 16:13, 19 November 2013 (EST)
  • Ditto. Reitblatt (talk) 17:08, 19 November 2013 (EST)

Error-correcting codes and PCPs[edit]


In favor:

  • Jshi (talk) 16:13, 19 November 2013 (EST)

Quantum computing[edit]

I can lead one or two survey discussions on this topic. --Jshi (talk) 16:13, 19 November 2013 (EST)

  • I would love that! I wanted to take the class in the spring, but won't due to the clash with Approx - so would be a big supporter of that idea as well! --Df365 (talk) 22:55, 19 November 2013 (EST)